July 3-7 2011 Women’s Worlds Conference at the University of Ottawa

Joanne St. Lewis, Rejane Claasen, and Chelby Marie Daigle

This photo was taken at the Women’s World Conference which took place last summer. I’m chatting with University of Ottawa Law Professor Joanne St. Lewis and South African journalist Rejane Claasen at the Conference Centre.

I attended the conference through my work with the Ottawa Rape Crisis Centre. I co-presented the workshop Addressing Sexual Violence with Young Women of Colour and Immigrant/Refugee Girls. This was an amazing opportunity to showcase the work of Ottawa Rape Crisis Centre’s Girls’ Chat Program, of which I am a facilitator. We received funding from the Conference Organizers to attend the conference and bring a few of the program’s participants with us to co-present. The girls really ran the show, leading the workshop which was well attended (even people were called in by their co-workers because ours was one of the few workshops about working with girls that was actually led by girls).

Further Reading:

Women’s Worlds 2011 Conference Website

Rejane Claasen’s Website

Ottawa Rape Crisis Centre’s Girls’ Chat Program

Girls’ Action Foundation Profile for Girls’ Chat

PowerPoint Presentation about The Girls’ Chat Program

GiveMeaning Page in order to donate to the Girls’ Chat Program


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