National Community & Campus Radio Association Workshop August 21st 2014

How is Muslim Media Addressing Anti-Oppression?
I am now the Editor in Chief of Muslim Link, Ottawa’s Muslim Community Newspaper.
When I started working with the paper, I had to figure out how to bring an anti-oppressive perspective into a very new terrain, that of a community which itself is marginalized within mainstream Canadian society.
However, although Muslims may experience Islamophobia, racism and xenophobia, we also grapple with dynamics of expression, exclusion, and marginalization within our communities.
Any reflection on media and anti-oppression involves reflecting on who has the power to decide whose stories get told.
One way we have tried to address this is by developing a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Policy.

The following are samples of stories aimed at trying to portray a more inclusive representation of Ottawa’s Muslim Communities:
Muslim Canadians Living with Disabilities

Bachar Awneh Wins Bronze at the Special Olympics Summer Games

First Nations Communities
Muslim Canadians, like all Canadian settlers, have a lot to learn about respecting First Nations Communities in Canada as equals, whose struggles should be brought to the forefront of our communities’ conversations about social justice.

Aboriginal Help Raise Funds for Islam Care Centre
Shady Hafez on Being Algonquin and Syrian

Marginalized Muslim Voices
There are a diversity of Muslim groups, sects, and religious orientations living in Ottawa. The largest community tends to dominate which Muslims’ stories get to be told. There are two stories aimed at addressing that.

Ahlul Bayt Islamic School Ranked Second Best In City

What does Ottawa’s Muslim Community Look Like? And who controls that image?
Ottawa Islamic School Graduation 2013

Our Elders, Our History
What questions need to be ask when a community aims at preserving its own history
A Muslim History of Ottawa

Muslim Anti-Racism Collective
A great resource for those who wish to learn more about how Muslims are addressing anti-racism and diversity is the Muslim Anti-Racism Collective’s website., in particular their Ramadan Anti-Racism section.

Islamophobia in the Media
Silent meaning: a cover photo of Muslim women by Diane Watt

Larger Version of Photo


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