French at

Government of Quebec: French Language Exercises

Centre d’aide en francais

Dictee Eric-Fournier

Learn French with Radio France Internationale

Fondation Paul Gerin-Lajoie: Dictees

Larousse francais


German at

Learn German with Deutsche Welle

Alles Gute on YouTube

Learn German with Goethe Institut

Goethe Institut: Online Exam


Spanish at

University of Texas: Spanish Proficiency Exercises


BBC Quick Fix languages: Urdu

My Urdu

Learn Urdu

Hugo’s Urdu Page

Urdu for Beginners on YouTube

Darvazah: A Comprehensive Multimedia Elementary Urdu Course

Introductory Urdu

Intermediate Urdu

Coke Studio: Urdu with English Subtitles and transliteration

A Door Into Hindi by Afroz Taj


BBC Language Guide: Arabic

Learn Arabic on YouTube

Madinah Arabic

University of Texas Arabic Voices

Learn Arabic with Maha on YouTube


BBC Language Guide: Persian

Learn Dari

Learn Persian

Easy Persian

Chai and Conversation


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