(Cult)ure Magazine was launched by An Nguyen with the help of Kevin Johns, Brendan Blom, and Kim Burnett in September 2007. Based in Ottawa, Ontario (Canada), we strive to bring readers thoughtful analysis of the latest trends in popular and alternative culture. Inside (Cult)ure, you will find original articles, in-depth features, provocative interviews, and introspective commentaries. Ultimately, the magazine is a space for people to shape and define themselves through their interests and through the many cults they belong to. Under this roof, progressive journalists, writers, activists and artists voluntarily share their ideas in a forum that represents their devotion and passion for covering local or international events and issues


VJ Movement is a collaboration of more than 150 professional video journalists from almost 100 countries. As journalists we believe that “There is more than one truth.” That means offering different perspectives on a story and letting you, the user, decide.

Link TV: Connecting You to the World. Link Media is an independent media organization whose mission is to engage, inform and inspire viewers to become involved in the world

Channel 16’s international network of eyewitness bloggers provides a view from the ground, not a newsdesk. This access to unmediated, direct news makes Channel16 a unique source, unembedded in any army, uncensored by any regime, unprejudiced by any agenda other than to help those in need. Channel 16 is committed to tackling the causes and effects of conflict and disasters across the world. It was initiated by a group of independent bloggers, campaigners and organisations including Demotix, IECAH, Peace Direct, War Child, Global Witness, Oxfam, MERLIN, Viva Rio, Humanitarian Crisis Hub, Humanity United, Danish Demining Group, Women for Women International, International Crisis Group. Channel 16 is independent and does not speak for any of these organisations. Named after the broadcast frequency of an international distress signal, Channel 16 creates a new frontline for responding to global crises. Via Channel 16, people can see reports from the epicentre of humanitarian emergencies and long term crises and learn what actions they can take to help.


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