Media Action Média promotes gender equity through media analysis and action. Media Action Média envisions a media environment that respects and reflects people in all their diversity, celebrates their capacity and contribution, and nurtures rather than erodes their self-esteem and opportunities.

Media Awareness Network (MNet) is a Canadian non-profit organization that has been pioneering the development of media literacy and digital literacy programs since its incorporation in 1996. Members of our team have backgrounds in education, journalism, mass communications and cultural policy. Working out of Ottawa, we promote media literacy and digital literacy by producing education and awareness programs and resources, working in partnership with Canadian and international organizations, and speaking to audiences across Canada and around the world. is a grassroots organization that safeguards the possibilities of the open and affordable Internet. We work towards informed & participatory digital policy. We empower people to participate in Internet governance through fresh & engaging citizens’ campaigns. We’re known for co-ordinating Stop The Meter, the largest online campaign in Canadian history, involving over half-a-million people. We’ve proven that the pro-Internet community can come together and make change.

Report to the Attorney General for Ontario from the panel on Justice and the Media (2006)

United States

Founded in 2002, the Center for Media Justice is a national movement building intermediary to strengthen the communications effectiveness of grassroots racial justice sectors, and sustain a powerful local-to-local movement for media rights and access. Our mission is to create media and cultural conditions that strengthen movements for racial justice, economic equity, and human rights. With an office in Oakland, California, and staff in Chicago and New York, CMJ is the only group in the nation that both develops a new generation of leaders and strategies for a 21st-century progressive movement and organizes nationally for media policy solutions to end racism and poverty. For social movements to end racism and poverty to be successful, they must have the stories, strategies, and skills to win hearts and minds on critical wedge issues—and media policies that erode the barriers they face when entering public debate

The mission of the Media and Democracy Coalition is to bring together the nation’s leading public interest communications rights advocates so they can work collaboratively to achieve a media system that is open, accessible and diverse, as well as build a more powerful movement for better media.

OC Inc. is the media justice arm of the United Church of Christ. Founded in 1959, only two years after the formation of the UCC, the Rev. Dr. Everett C. Parker was prompted by the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. to set out to reform television stations in the south, which were doing a poor job of covering the Civil Rights Movement. Building upon its successes in the early 1960s, OC Inc. continues to be a leader in media reform by pushing for a more just, accessible, diverse and accountable media. It works to promote public interests in the media, especially for people of color, women and children. The United Church of Christ is a faith community rooted in justice that recognizes the unique power of the media to shape public understanding and thus society. For this reason, UCC’s Office of Communication, Inc. (OC, Inc.) works to create just and equitable media structures that give meaningful voice to diverse peoples, cultures and ideas


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