Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) Multilingual Resources: This section has been created to provide multi-language information on mental health and addiction to people for whom English is not a first language and professionals who work with clients from culturally and linguistically diverse background.

A Guide for Counsellors: Working with Problem Gambling Clients from Ethno-Cultural Communities (Produced by Problem Gambling Canada)

The Opening Doors Project – Train the Trainer Manual: The Opening Doors Project (TODP) aims to strengthen, foster and cultivate healthier Ontario communities. The project works towards this goal by providing free, interactive, and experiential peer-led workshops that address mental health, racism and discrimination within newcomer communities and communities of mental health survivors. It looks especially at the impact of migration and discrimination on the mental health of newcomers and refugees.

The manual is designed for educators working in a variety of contexts – whether they be teachers, community workers, healthcare professionals, or anyone else with an interest in promoting equity and diversity in their community or workplace. A popular education approach was used in developing the contents of this manual, which aims to empower those who are marginalized to take control of their learning, and to effect social change. Through a collective and participatory process, activities were developed to inspire discussion and pool community/participant knowledge.

We welcome you to draw from the manual to suit your specific context. At the same time, we ask that you respect the integrity of the peer-focused approach that is key to the Opening Doors project by engaging newcomers with lived experience with mental health issues in your program delivery. We also welcome you to share your experiences of these activities with us, in order to build supportive networks, share ideas, and further enhance work that engages with the connections between migration, discrimination and mental health


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